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What to do with Doc in the Box? by Dr. Joy

He’s so funny to me.  A robot who thinks he’s the next pop music icon.  Today, I found him in one of the exam rooms looking at himself in the mirror.  I asked him what he was doing and he just said, “I’m practicing my new dance moves”, as if my question was absurd.  I tried hard not to laugh out loud so as not to upset him.  I mean, can you imagine the sight to see a 6 foot 5 inch robot made of shiny metal trying to get his groove on.  So, I left the exam room to give him some privacy while we waited for our next patient.  Nevertheless, I continued to watch him as I peered around the trim of the doorway without his knowing.  This was a moment too good to pass up.

Doc in the Box is one of my two very special medical assistants.  Nurse in the Purse, whom we’ll discuss later, is the other one.  I obtained Doc in the Box a few years ago after I’d contracted with the United States military to sort of rehabilitate him.  He was a failed project at the time.  The military’s goal for him was to be a robotic physician able to be sent into war-type scenarios in place of human physicians.  His success in the field would have meant less medical manpower needed in dangerous areas.  The project, as you can imagine, was quite expensive.  Ultimately, his development was halted because there were too many quirks not able to be worked out.  A few months after that I was approached by the Head of Medical Research and Development for the Air Force to see if I could “fix” him.  So, Doc in the Box came to live in the lab of my medical clinic, and since then, I’ve had quite a few happenings.

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