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Lost some blood

We’ve had a couple of snow days out of necessity. I’m hosting the Christmas party for one of my son’s soccer team and their families, so I needed the time to clean and finish decorating. Oh, what fun I had hanging outside lights in the snow-not! I think I shocked myself at least six times when I was connecting the strings because of either water or broken bulbs. Not my finer days but it had to be done. Then, I cut open my thumb with broken glass from one of the bulbs and left some puddles of blood in the snow. If I never hang lights in the snow, that’ll be fine with me. I did place a blow-up Santa on our front porch. Now, you know blow-ups are the tackiest thing ever, but I broke down and bought one this year. And you know what? They make you feel so happy when you look at them. I may need to have a blow-up figure for every occasion-ha!
Off to conquer baths after the kids finish watching “Home “Alone”.












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