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Lost some blood

December 11, 2013 Leave a comment

We’ve had a couple of snow days out of necessity. I’m hosting the Christmas party for one of my son’s soccer team and their families, so I needed the time to clean and finish decorating. Oh, what fun I had hanging outside lights in the snow-not! I think I shocked myself at least six times when I was connecting the strings because of either water or broken bulbs. Not my finer days but it had to be done. Then, I cut open my thumb with broken glass from one of the bulbs and left some puddles of blood in the snow. If I never hang lights in the snow, that’ll be fine with me. I did place a blow-up Santa on our front porch. Now, you know blow-ups are the tackiest thing ever, but I broke down and bought one this year. And you know what? They make you feel so happy when you look at them. I may need to have a blow-up figure for every occasion-ha!
Off to conquer baths after the kids finish watching “Home “Alone”.













Doc in the Box

Doc in the Box…

He’s made out of shiny metal and has lots of buttons all over his chest.  Each button has a unique function.   At the top left of his chest, he wears  his initials in black…….”db”.  He thinks that’s very cool-looking.  He told me once that he thought his initials looked like an eighth note not finished or a pair of dancing feet so he was sure he was destined for the performing scene..I don’t know, but he’s very entertaining, nonetheless.

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